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    Dispatches from Lore Machine's World

    Jun 05, 2024

    Lore Machine v2.3

    Carl Botnik

    Today we release v2.3 of Lore Machine's story visualization system. The upgrades include a new style preset drawer, refreshed character customization modal (no more radio buttons), location customization, and a new loading experience featuring a slide show of creations from our community. Sit back and watch 2.3 transform a 2k-word GPT story text into a Substack, a manga, and an animation here.

    Lore Machine Scenes

    May 24, 2024

    Side Quest: Scene Density

    Carl Botnik

    Lore Machine has been battling behind the scenes to maximize Scene Density - that is, the number of images generated from a given amount of text. You can read about our quest here.

    Lore Machine Scene Density

    May 17, 2024

    Updated User Manual

    Carl Botnik

    This week we fully refreshed Lore Machine's user manual to guide you through the most recent system features. These features include new style presets, location customization, StoryScape outputs and StoryText➜Video. You can dive into the ever-evolving guide here.

    Lore Machine User_Manual

    May 11, 2024

    Story Text ➜ Video

    Carl Botnik

    This week, we launched Lore Machine's first video creation feature. Story Text ➜ Video enables Lore Machine users to transform their image galleries into animated experiences. By using foundational imagery to build video, users have way more control over final output. You can watch a demo and read more about Story Text ➜ Video here.

    Valley Trek

    May 11, 2024

    Lore Machine Bulletin

    Carl Botnik

    We started this here Bulletin to keep our community up on the stream of new features, partnerships, stories and ideas coming out of the Lore Machine world. We'll keep these short and link out to deeper dives like our newsletter where it makes sense.

    Lore Machine animated logo